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Lone Hunter and Cub
Forest Spirits Sumi-e
Hakuna Matata Kame
Día de los Muertos
Winds of Freedom
Negan Major League
Full Moon over London Rooftops
Bizarre Adventure Watercolor
Kame Kanji
The King and the White Wolf
Clan of Two The Mandalorian
Battle on the beach
Winds of Autumn
Susuwatari Ink
Clan of Two The Child
Samurai Watercolor
Orca in Japan Woodblock
Strength, Speed and Precision
My Neighbor Sumi-e
Pirate Ramen
Go Kanji
Forest View
Little Forest Spirirts
La Calavera Catrina
Fox in the Night
Old and Young
Valar Morghulis
Todoroki sumi-e
Mando the Bounty Hunter
Lone Hitman and Cub
Hero Academia sumi-e
The Deer God sumi-e
Tanjiro sumi-e
Demon slayer Nezuko sumi-e
Battle for the Ages
Red Fox jumping into Snow
Hakuna Mata-TA
Pirate Hunter
My Heroes sumi-e
Darth Sumi-e
Sakura Deer
Bounty Hunter sumi-e
The Prince of Saiyans
The eyes of the Dragon
I love SciFi
The Captain is Coming
Purrfect Circle
Ecto-1 sumi-e
King in the North
The Guild
Princess of the Forest sumi.e
Autumn Feelings
Trooper of Empire
Growing Trees Sumi-e
I am a slayer
The Way of Bounty Hunter
Joel and Ellie
The Mandalorian
Look for the Light


Hola a todos, soy un diseñador gráfico del sur de España. Espero que os guste mi trabajo. Un saludo ;)

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